Declaración de privacidad

Information on the collection of personal data

(1) The following provides information about the collection of personal data during your use of this website. Personal data is any information that can be specifically attributed to you, e.g. your name, address, email addresses, user behaviour, and IP address.

(2) The controller, as per art. 4, para. 7 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is:

Bahnhofsallee 18
D-58507 Luedenscheid
Tel: +49 (0) 23 51 · 5674 · 0
Fax: +49 (0) 23 51 · 5674 · 410

You can contact our data protection officer at:

progressorg GmbH
Herr Markus Knuth
Höveler Weg 2
D-58553 Halver
Tel: + 49 (0) 2353 9096 31
Fax: + 49 (0) 2353 9096 49

(3) If we make use of commissioned service providers for individual functions of our offers or if we wish to use your data for commercial purposes, we will inform you of the respective processes as described in detail below. In so doing, we will also cite the set criteria for the storage period.

General information about data processing

(1) As a matter of principle, we collect and utilise users' personal data only to the extent required to ensure the functioning of our website and of our contents and services. The collection and utilisation of our users' personal data normally occurs after users have given their consent. An exception applies to cases in which prior consent cannot be obtained for practical reasons and where the processing of the data is legally permitted.

(2) If we have obtained consent for the processing of personal data from the data subject, art. 6, para. 1, point a of the GDPR acts as the legal basis. When the processing of personal data is required in order to fulfil a contract, to which the data subject is party, art. 6, para. 1, point b of the GDPR acts as the legal basis. This also applies to processing that is required in order to perform pre-contractual measures. If the processing of personal data is required in order to fulfil a legal obligation to which our company is subject, art. 6, para. 1, point c of the GDPR acts as the legal basis. In the event that vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person make processing personal data necessary, art. 6, para. 1, point d of the GDPR acts as the legal basis. If processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by our company or by a third party and the interests, fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject do not override the former interests, art. 6, para. 1, point f of the GDPR acts as the legal basis for processing.

(3) The personal data of the data subject are deleted or locked once the purpose of their storage no longer applies. Furthermore, data can be stored if provision has been made by the European or national legislator in ordinances, acts or other regulations in EU law to which the controller is subject. The data are also locked or deleted if a storage period prescribed by the stated standards expires, unless it is necessary to continue to store the data in order to conclude or fulfil a contract.

(4) Furthermore, we may also disclose your personal data to third parties when we offer participation in campaigns, contests, contract conclusions, or similar services together with partners. You will receive further information on this when you provide your personal data or at the bottom of the description of the service being offered. If our service providers or partners are based in a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will inform you of the consequences of this in the description of the service being offered.

Your rights

(1) You have the following rights in relation to us regarding your personal data:

  1. Right of access

    You have the right to request confirmation as to whether relevant data will be processed, and to information on this data as well as further details and copies of the data in accordance with art. 15 of the GDPR.

  2. Right to rectification

    In accordance with art. 16 of the GDPR, you have the right to request the completion of the data or the rectification of the incorrect data concerning you.

  3. Right to erasure or right to restriction of processing

    In accordance with art. 17 of the GDPR, you have the right to request personal data be deleted immediately, or alternatively the right to request the restriction of processing of the data in accordance with art. 18 of the GDPR.

  4. Right to data portability

    You have the right to receive the data concerning you, which you have provided to us, in accordance with art. 20 of the GDPR, and to request their transmission to other controllers.

(2) You also have the right to submit a complaint to the relevant data protection supervisory authority concerning our processing of your personal data. In our case, this is the North Rhine-Westphalia state official for data privacy and information security (ldi):

Objection to or revocation of the processing of your data

(1) If you have consented to the processing of your data, you can revoke this at any time in accordance with art. 7, para. 3 of the GDPR. Once communicated to us, such a revocation affects the admissibility of the processing of your personal data.

(2) If we base the processing of your personal data on the balancing of interests, you may object to the processing. This is the case if processing in particular is not necessary for the fulfilment of a contract with you, which we will note in the subsequent description of each function. If you raise such an objection, we ask that you explain the reasons why we should not process your personal data in the manner we have done. If your objection is justified, we will examine the situation and either cease or adjust the data processing or explain to you our compelling and legitimate reasons as to why we will continue to perform the processing as such.

(3) Of course, you may object at any time against the processing of your personal data for advertising and data analysis purposes. You may inform us of your objection to such uses via the following contact details: DIAL GmbH, Bahnhofsallee 18, 58507 Lüdenscheid,

Deletion of data

The data processed by us will be deleted or have its processing restricted in accordance with art. 17 and 18 of the GDPR. Unless expressly stated in this data protection policy, the data stored by us will be deleted as soon as it is no longer required for its intended purpose and the deletion does not conflict with any legal storage obligations. If the data are not deleted because they are necessary for other legally permissible purposes, their processing is restricted. This means that the data is locked and not processed for any other purposes. This applies, for example, to data that must be kept for commercial or tax reasons. According to legal requirements in Germany, records shall be kept for 6 years in accordance with section 257, para. 1 of the HGB (German Commercial Code) (trading books, inventories, opening balance sheets, annual financial statements, commercial letters, accounting documents, etc.) and for 10 years in accordance with section 147, para. 1 of the AO (German Fiscal Code) (books, records, progress reports, accounting documents, commercial and business letters, for documents relevant to taxation, etc.).

Transfer of data to third countries

If we process data in a third country (i.e. outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA)) or if this is done in order to utilise third-party services, disclose or transfer data to third parties, then this will only happen in order to fulfil our (pre-)contractual obligations, on the basis of your consent, due to a legal obligation or on the basis of our legitimate interests. Subject to legal or contractual permissions, we process or have the data processed in a third country only if the particular requirements of art. 44 ff. of the GDPR apply. This means, for example, that processing is carried out on the basis of special guarantees, such as the officially recognised establishment of a data protection level in compliance with the EU (e.g. by the "Privacy Shield" for the USA) or compliance with officially recognised special contractual obligations ("standard contractual clauses").

Data collection on our website

(1) If you are using the website solely for informational purposes, i.e. if you have not registered or otherwise conveyed information to us, we will only collect personal data transmitted by your browser to our server. If you would like to view our website, we will collect the following data, which is a technical requirement for us into be able to display our website and to ensure stability and security (the legal basis for this is art. 6, para. 1, sentence 1, point f of the GDPR):

  1. IP address

  2. Date and time of request

  3. Content of the request (specific page)

  4. Access status/HTTP status code

  5. Volume of data transmitted

  6. Website issuing the request

  7. Browser

  8. Operating system and its interface

  9. Language and version of browser software

(2) The data are also stored in the logfiles of our system. These data are not stored together with other personal data of the user. The legal basis for the temporary storage of the data and logfiles is art. 6, para. 1, point f of the GDPR. The data are stored in logfiles in order to ensure that the website functions properly. In addition, the data helps us to optimise the website and to ensure the security of our information technology systems. An analysis of the data for marketing purposes does not take place in this context. The anonymous data of the server log files are stored separately from all personal data provided by the data subject.

(3) The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. If data has been collected for the provision of the website, this occurs when the respective session ends. The collection of data for the provision of the website and the storage of data in logfiles is absolutely necessary for the operation of the internet site. As a result, the user may not object.

Use of cookies

(1) In addition to the aforementioned data, cookies are also stored on your computer when you use our website. Cookies are text files that are stored in the Internet browser or by the Internet browser on the user's computer system. Cookies can not execute programs or transmit viruses to your computer. Their purpose is to make an Internet service more user-friendly and efficient overall. Cookies allow us to recognise the users of our website. Cookies can optimise the information and service on our website for the benefit of the user. The purpose of this recognition feature is to make it easier for users to explore our website. For example, the user of a website that uses cookies must not reenter their login details each time they visit the website as this is done by the website and the cookie stored on the user's computer system. The legal basis for processing of personal data when using cookies is art. 6, para. 1, point f of the GDPR.

(2) Temporary cookies, or "session cookies" or "transient cookies", refer to cookies that are deleted once the user leaves an online service and closes their browser. In such a cookie, the contents of a shopping cart in an online shop or a login status are stored, for example. "Permanent" or "persistent" refers to cookies that remain stored even after the browser has been closed. In doing so, the login status can be stored, for example, if users visit the website after several days.

(3) It is possible at any time to prevent the website's storage of cookies by adjusting the relevant settings of your Internet browser and thus permanently deactivating the storage of cookies. Furthermore, you may delete cookies which have already been stored via an Internet browser or another software program at any time. This can also be done automatically. This is possible in all standard Internet browsers. If you deactivate cookies, the functionality of this website may be limited.

Use of the function "Manufacturer enquiry"

Our website provides the option of contacting various luminaire manufacturers electronically. You can submit product-related enquiries to the respective manufacturer using the LUMsearch contact form. If a user makes use of this option, then the data entered in the input mask are transmitted exclusively to the chosen manufacturer and stored. These data include: Name, email, country.

Your enquiry is forwarded by email to the respective manufacturer of the product via our provider together with your aforementioned details and the information on the chosen item. They will then usually contact you via the email address you have provided and send you further product-related information.

As part of this process, your consent is obtained for the processing of data and reference is made to this data protection policy. The data are not forwarded to any third parties except to the chosen manufacturer. The data are used exclusively for the manufacturer enquiry. The legal basis for the processing of data is art. 6, para. 1, point a of the GDPR.

We do not receive a copy of your email or anything other than the aforementioned information.

The user has the option to revoke their consent for the processing of the personal data at any time directly from the respective manufacturer, since we – as described above – do not receive any information concerning this process.

Use of Matomo (formerly Piwik)

(1) This website uses the web analysis service Matomo to analyse and regularly improve the use of our website. Using the statistics generated in this way allows us to improve our service and to make it more interesting for you, the user. The legal basis for the use of Piwik is art. 6, para. 1, sentence 1, point f of the GDPR.

(2) Cookies are stored on your computer for this analysis (we have already discussed cookies in more detail above). We process the information collected in this way exclusively on one of our servers. You can adjust the analysis by deleting existing cookies and preventing cookies from being stored. If you deactivate the use of cookies, please note that you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. The use of cookies can be deactivated by selecting the relevant setting in your browser. The use of Matomo can be prevented by deselecting the following checkbox in order to enable the Opt-out plug-in:

(3) This website uses Piwik with the extension "AnonymizeIP". As a result, IP addresses are processed in a shortened form and direct references to persons can be ruled out. Piwik will not associate the IP address transmitted by your browser with any other data we have gathered.

(4) For information on third-party privacy, visit

Integration of DoubleClick by Google

(1) This website continues to use the online DoubleClick marketing tool by Google. Non-personalised ads are displayed as banners to the user. These banners are filled with pre-made content by DIAL GmbH. Google, therefore, has no influence on the pre-filled ads.

(2) The marketing tools used here allow the Internet browser to automatically establish a direct connection to the Google server. We have no influence on the extent and further use of the data collected by Google from the use of this tool. We will inform you according to our state of knowledge. The integrated DoubleClick platform informs Google whenever you access the relevant part of the website or click on an ad from us. If you are registered with a Google service, Google may associate your visit with your account. Even if you are not registered with Google, or have not logged in, the provider may still obtain and store your IP address.

(3) The legal basis for the processing of your data is Art. 6 (1) (1) (f) of the GDPR. More information on DoubleClick by Google is available at https://www.doubleclickbygoogle.comand, and on Google's privacy policy in general: Alternatively, you can visit the website of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) at Google has committed to adhere to the provisions of the EU-US Privacy Shield,