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Indigo Combo Beta Opti 600x600 840 HB HL CLO



Installation Recessed mounting in suspended ceilings. Unventilated or ventilated ceilings. Two optional designs: – for suspended ceilings with visible T-bars (15 or 24 mm). HB –for suspended ceilings with concealed T-bars and symmetrical ceiling tiles (thickness 20-22 mm). Four suspension fittings included. For fixed roofs (plaster etc.) suspension fittings for an HB body can be ordered separately. Connection Connected to 2.5 mm² 3-way terminal block 3 x 1.5 mm2 (x2), with the possibility of through-wiring. 5 x 1.5 mm2 (x2) when dimming. Can also be supplied with mains cable and earthed plug or chassis mounted snap-in connector. The luminaire housing and driver are connected via a Quick Connection System. Design Luminaire body of white enamelled sheet steel (RAL 9016). Louvre Beta Opti – double parabolic side and cross reflectors in semi-gloss metallized aluminium with excellent reflective properties (> 92%), assembled into one unit. An integrated opal acrylic diffuser film (PMMA) minimises the risk of uncomfortable glare from the diodes. Dimming e-Sense Organic – PIR sensor with presence and daylight control. All luminaires have master/slave functionality with IR communications. Miscellaneous Enclosure class IP 40 under suspended ceilings and IP 20 above suspended ceilings. Class III applies to the luminaire body only. The supplied driver is Class II but should be connected to a functional Earth. 

Тип лампы Номинальная мощность лампы Общий световой поток Световая отдача CCT CRI
LED 38 Вт 4495 lm 118 lm/W 4000 K 80



Форма и размеры 

Длина: 599 мм

Ширина: 599 мм

Высота: 126 мм




Цвет корпуса: Белый


Мощность: 38 Вт

класс защиты: II


IP: 40

Фотометрические данные

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